isolastic exhaust rubbers

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Feb 20, 2008
I noticed that when putting the rear footpeg set up, that the exhaust rubbers are a stressed fit so I obloged the holes to make them fit with no stress.Then I was thinking that maybe their should be stress on them?Whats the answer.Cheers
When I put my exhaust on, I assembled everything loose, then tightened up the fittings when all was installed, and did not have that situation with the silencer mounts. I ended up replacing these rubbers, and had to do the whole loosen everything/tighten everything to get them to line up again.
Thats what concerns me, its been over 20 years since Ive put these together, years ago I heard that when you tighten the head steady you should put pressure forward, then tighten allens on to the head.I was thinking of calling Les Emery over this one?
The exhaust rubbers will soon split if they are much out of alignment. They are designed to allow a certain degree of motion, but if mounted in a bias, that motion will continue beyond their designed range. Unfortunately, the lack of precision in the bends of most aftermarket exhaust pipes and mufflers, coupled with fatigued isolastics can make it difficult to mount the mufflers without stressing these mounts.

I always assemble everything loosely, tighten the muffler mounts, then tighten the exhaust rings at the head and finally the muffler/exhaust pipe clamp. If I cannot make things fit without deflecting the mount, I will either bend the pipe slightly or as a last resort, elongate the mounting holes.
Get a mate to hold the bike off the main stand while you finally tighten everything up. Once the bike is off the stand the front ISO drops and it all changes again, that is, 'cept for early 750s
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