Interstate Gas Tank

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Ron Hulton

Jul 18, 2005
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Like many others i am looking for a Interstate gas tank for my 75 MKIII..

Anyone with a lead out there as to where one may be found .. Metal tank only

I was considering a tank from T.A. Baker, but was put off as the filler cap fitments are for a "Monza" style filler cap. I have spoken to the chap that makes them, and he said there were no suppliers making the filler necks that were originally put on the Norton tanks.

As I wanted a totally original look for my tank, that stopped me for now, from getting one, although of course the price is very reasonable for a new tank, with no worries about corrosion. It depends how important the original look is to you?
These are pretty scarce. When I crashed my Interstate earlier this year I looked around for a good tank and finally bit the bullet and sent the wadded up tank to Ross Thompson. $700 later I have an absolutely perfect tank. I highly recommend Ross's work. I will need absolutely no filler to get a perfect finish.

If you are going for a perfect restoration be aware that the '75 tank is a slightly different shape than the '73-'74 metal tanks. It is lower and wider.
norbsa48503 said:
TA Baker see one here
alloy can be painted and for what used ones go for....figure 550.00 US and a bit of a wait...

Those look nice. I have been thinking about one for my roadster and that price is not bad for an alloy tank.

I've been looking at this gas cap from Crime Scene Choppers for the TA Baker tank as it has a pretty cool retro look to it:

Sorry to hijack the thread, but are you guys spraying a clear coat over your alloy tanks to combat oxidization of the aluminum?
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