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Dec 25, 2004
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I have a '72 Commando. I'd like to trim it as a Fastback Long Range. The Long Range gas tanks appear unobtainable. Is an Interstate tank with the Fastback Long Range seat my most viable option? Has anyone else tried this? I've seen the 'extra capacity' Fastback tank with standard Fastback seat, but prefer the original Fastback Long Range appearance.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Walker

Hi Bill,

About 20 or more years ago, Scott Marburger in our Northern California Norton Owners Club built two of what he called Interbacks. This had an interstate tank, fastback tail piece and seat with the "ears" cut off. The second picture down in Scott's website is Scott on the left with his silver interback. This machine is still in the San Francisco Bay area, but Scott moved on to BMWs and longer distances many years ago.


I am in contact with Ross re: Longrange tank. I really wanted to verify that the available repo Fastback Longrange seat will fit appropriately with the tank. Somehow it seems the Longrange seat/tank/tail piece will be too long for the frame! The original Longrange tanks were metal and held 4.5 US gallons; I don't know their length however.

Bill Walker
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If you don't mind waiting for the tank to show up on e-bay, I believe the Commando "Interpol" tank is the same as the longrange fastback tank. Some have a bracket on top for the police radio and some don't . The England section of e-bay has these from time to time. If you go to ebaymotors and search all categories for "norton interpol" or "norton petrol tank" you might find one.

On the other hand if you use the interstate tank you get more fuel capacity. I can ask Scott this weekend how much he needed to cut off the standard fastback seat to get it to fit the interstate tank.
Thanks for the tip David, I didn't know I could scour the world via eBay!

Howie, that's a 5 gallon alloy Fastback tank made by Evan Wilcox. It's compatable with the standard Fastback seat. Beautiful, but costly at $1250!

Bill Walker
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