if only i had that little plastic bit.... somebody have one?

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Sep 26, 2007
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I did a classic dumb thing this morning. Was fiddling around with my 75 Mark 3 outside and started to trip over my feet getting up off my work stool.

Ended up grabbing on to the left side of the handlebar and snapped off the thumb selector for High/Low beam. It is actually secured to the inside of the control unit by a small white plastic bit, which is what i snapped.

Yes, i tried to crazy-glue it back together, and that lasted all of 5 minutes!

Anybody happen to have one of these? I would gladly exchange for one of my teenage kids. (Though I might be getting the better part of the deal!)

In lieu of trading your kids off (I'm not sure any teen ager is worth it anyway!) Old Britts has a pretty nice reproduction left control. I have used those on both of my MK3s. I put them side-by-side with the Lucas originals and was hard pressed to find any real differences. About $135.00, or wait for a set to come up for sale. I just pawned my last set off to a bloke in Australia. Im glad you didnt take the Norton down with you! I had a similar experience this fall at a motorcycle show. I was unloading my Norton from the trailer and was holding on to the left hand grip when the bike slid a bit on the gravel. Then I started to slip and ever so slowly and laid the bike down on its right side. PANIC!! Thank goodness nothing happened but a nice little jab to my pride. Went on to win 1st place anyway.
Jd -

Yeah, i saw the $135 control unit at OldBrits. However, I have a hard time justifying that much coin, when all i need is a tiny plastic piece that's probably costs 50 cents. I may break open a few old toys and see if I can't find something close and cut it to fit.
Bryan - thanks for the suggestion, but I have a '75 Mark 3, different controls than yours.

Here is a photo of the thumb switch, now sitting on my bench instead of on the left side of my handlebar.

if only i had that little plastic bit.... somebody have one?

And here is part of the white plastic "mounting post" - the broken culprit. I'm sure somebody has a control unit sitting around with this piece in it.

I offered a trade for one of my teenage kids, but no takers (can't imagine why). A six pack instead?

if only i had that little plastic bit.... somebody have one?
I have an entire top half of a right hand switch (headlight/pilot switch) that has the cable cut off about an inch from the solder joints. (The bottom half of the same switch is junk with no starter button.) The entire switch is good if you want to solder on a new cable or dismantle for the pieces you need.

I also have a complete set of left and right Mk3 handlebar switches in great condition if anyone is interested.

PM me with an offer.
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