I wasn't me !

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Jun 16, 2005
After months of procrastination I decided to do something about it, a lazy right hand cylinder and the a clutch that didn't. Head off and one leaky inlet valve found - wasn't me that bent it. Next, after draining a primary chaincase that was full of engine oil, I decided to investigate further and removed the crankshaft sprocket (with a hastily engineer'd tool - not pretty but it worked) - good view of the main bearing and not an oil seal in sight !
What else has the pevious owner neglected?

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Just letting off steam.
Roy - Kent, UK
I think we've all been there. I think it's a tribute to these old machines that they still run with some of the bodges the DPO has done. One of my favorites is a T120 Bonneville I worked on that had the rocker boxes attached with self-tapping sheet metal screws!!
My favorite DPO hack on my current Commando was the toilet seal on the kickstart shaft! It worked a lot better than the o-ring he put on the on the primary (where the felt seal was supposed to be) :roll:

The chaincase gasket made out of newspaper (Sunday comics!) was cute too...

Newpaper seems to be a good gasket material. I have had a couple of machines from the old east German side of Germany, and all the gaskets were made out of newpapers. Have also seen bubblegum used to stop a hole in an oil pan...worked too. :wink:
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