How to "deal " with blokes that hang out the Shing

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May 22, 2004
I recently posted an inquiry regarding the use of Boyers on the Commando and dramas I was having at 2500 rpm. At this point the bike began playing up severely and deterioating by the day as it were.

I went to a local 'classic dealer' to inquire after the availability of a ring set to suit a Gold Star.
I went on to describe my problems related to the Commando.

Firstly he was perplexed by the fact that the Commando has a balance pipe ! (1973 850 3000+)

Then he and his wife lunge into a long sad convuluted tale about so many Commando riders that were / are part of their club, that have had SO much problem with exactly the same problem!

Some spent a lot of cash trying to rectify their bikes.. carbies.. back to points .. you name it , some even have not been able to cure the miss at 2500 - 3000 rpm. One bloke spent $5,000!!!

So off I go and set to ~ to find after replacing the leads.. with copper.. (Thanks Ron L ) and soldering the two terminals in the boyer pick up in the points housing.

The Bike is a pleasure to ride.. NO missing.. No dramas ~

So ~ Does one ~

A; Share my positive results and let him know..

B: Just let him tread water with his worldly "expertise"..

C: Give out the good oil I have learnt to help others, so they don't get BS 'ed by a self informed drongo!
8) :lol: :B:

This is a no brainer(to use one of Ron L's sayings), the whole idea of these community forums is to help others.

I vote "C".

Sometime down the road we should all have Nortons that are almost "bulletproof", almost............

The good "dealers/experts" will prosper & the "bad" ones will eventually just fade away if they keep doing the wrong thing by customers.

It always amazes me how much money some owners give away to "experts", some really do get taken for a "ride" don't they !

The people that frequent these forums do so beacause of a "passion" & are happy to help without money changing hands.

Jerry Doe & others like him are to be thanked sincerely for maintaining these web sites for our use.
nortonfan said:
Jerry Doe & others like him are to be thanked sincerely for maintaining these web sites for our use.

Yes, thanks Jerry! And everyone else too. I probably would have given up and sold my bike without this site. The local shop wanted to replace my carbs ($400) and do a "tune up" ($300+) to deal with my starting problems.

The carbs are fine and I can tune my bike myself now. The real problem was the wetsumping (missing oil seal) and various deferred maintenance issues (which the shop probably would not have found).

C for sure.
I would not make a special point to do A, but would if he were to inquire as to how you fixed it. Usually unsolicitated advice is not warmly received.
Thanks Fans.

I agree whole heartedly with all of your input/s ~

I agree that these web sites as Jerry's.. (and their enthusiasm in maintaining such sites,) I do feel sometimes there is an overwhelming amount of imformation at times.. but ~ in general the 'intent' of contributors is postiively intended ..

As for 'one eyed' bullish dealers.. their own beligerance is bound eventually to be their undoing... I guess we can ALL relate a tale or two about being shafted at the gain of shonky dealers, even if it is only in the advocating of misdirected advice.


Thanks for the good words.

I am open for feedback. If anyone has any suggestions to add remove or change anything at my website or forum, Please feel free to let me know.

When I built the site about 5 years ago, I had no idea how popular it would be. In that time I have had 1/4 of a million (nearly) unique hits. The site has come up number 1 in google for the search term "Norton Commando" ever since I launched it.

Still no advertizing or money wanted, as it's a passion!

take care Jerry 8)
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