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Jan 18, 2006
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I noticed that while idling My Norton 850 seems to put out hotter exhaust gases from the right hand exhaust than the left . With the palm of the hands catching the gases the left hand pipe feels almost cool.
Is this normal or should they both be about the same temperature?

I am thinking maybe the right hand cylinder is doing more work or an air leak in the left hand pipes and its sucking in air.

Any thoughts? Bike is idling rough but running good over 3000 rpm.
I also have this problem with my 72 750 commando and i hope someone here can help out, i have been told it may be the idel jet being blocked try this is didnt work for me but may help you. clear it by spraying a crc or carbie cleaner in the fuel air mixture hole while covering the small airport holes on the fron of the carbie if you get a liquid spraying through into the carbie it will be clear.
Check the carb synchronisation. One slide is higher than the other, so the high slide cylinder is working harder at all speeds.
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