Help Needed Indentifying Norton

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Sep 19, 2005
I've been given a salvage bike and need help identifying the year and model. It appears to be a 1972 or newer Cammando with front disc brake and turn signals. The engine number, 47883 0 which doesn't match up with listings I've found and the frame plate at the neck is missing. Only four rusty rivots remain. On the left side of the neck at the steering head is stamped 00120. One side cover is missing and the other is painted over so I don't know if it is a 750 or 850. It has twin Amal carburators.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim
There are folks on this board who are much better at this than I, but I'll get the ball rolling...

Carbs: Are they stamped 930 or 932? 932's came on 750 Combats and 850's. This could also mean nothing. I've got 932's on my non-combat 1973 750 (though its been heavily militarized).

Engine breather: Where's it located? Bottom rear of the cases, facing upwards was a short lived 1972-1973 feature. Drive side on the engine, at the end of the cam is pre-1972 while behind the upper left side of the timing side of the case is post 1973.

Gearbox: There should be a number stamped on the gearbox. What is it?

Bear in mind that your bike could have been a bitsa (like mine) cobbled together from many sources.
A quick way to check if it is 750 or 850 is to count the number of nuts/studs holding the cylinder barrels to the crankcase. If you see nine then it should be a 750 if there are five then it is likely to be 850, as the 850 has two through bolts each side at the outer positions that are not visible.

Also check the front of the frame left hand fuel tank mounting bracket for a stamped number, that should be the frame part number which could give a clue as to which model it is.
Here are a few ways to determine the year/model.
1) Turn signals and front disc would indicate a 1972, although turn signals were available in 1971. The disc brake was sold as a conversion starting in 1972 and earlier models could be fitted easily with the factory kit.
2) Breather location as stated. 1971 over the chaincase out the left side as you sit on the bike. 1972 out of the back of the crankcase down low, coming up in front of the transmission. 1973 and onward out the top rear of the timing cover side of the crankcase.
3) Look at the number on the transmission case, after 1969-70 they matched the engine number unless of course it was fractured and changed. (Not likely)
4) Tank made of steel likely 1972 onward, fibreglass pre 1972.
5) Sidestand mount? Peg welded to the frame and (sidestand) missing or held on by a circlip, 1971. 1972 onward bolted to the tab on the frame.
6) Gas cap flips to the front 1971 or older, flips to the rear 1972 or later.
This should be a start, hope it helps. (Think this was changed for 1972 models but may have been 1971 model year)
Steve J.
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