Hello from Austin

Nov 15, 2005
What can I say I'm a Norton junky, my name is Frank and I have 1974 850 commando. I've been keeping up with this forum for the past year and just finally got around to logging in. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can from everyone. So I'm be asking questions when I have some problems.
Welcome, Frank. That's my name also. Although I'm not currently a motorcycle rider (too chicken?) I have a great deal of Commando background.

I joined the Norton-Villiers organization just as the Commando was being developed and was actively involved in the early proof-of-concept testing of the prototype bikes and the subsequent endurance testing of the Commando. I finally decided that N-V and the overall UK motorcycle industry was headed down the toilet and emigrated to work for Boeing in mid-1968.

I decided, soon after arriving in Washington, that riding a motorcycle in this part of the world at that time was at least self-destructive and at worst, equivalent to a death wish. I remember the head of the State Patrol saying that there were two classes of motorcycle riders - those that had experienced a serious accident and those that would soon.

After 30+ years living here, I think my perspective is still the same! Maybe in the rural north-west Washington area where I now live, away from major cities, riding a motorcycle or a scooter wouldn't be quite as hazardous.

I still regret not having bought a Commando at employee discount (roughly $850) and shipping it to the US as part of my Boeing-funded domestic "acoutrements" shipment.

In retrospect, I might not be around to participate in the forum had I brought a bike with me from England.
Frank; If you might be so inclined, how bout few stories/facts etc. about you're days at norton/AMC. I'd love to hear more from the people who were there. I have a 75 850 Interstate I've had for 28years and still love it!!!.
Best regards Bill Edwards Simi Valley CA.

Please............. :lol: :cry: :cry:
Welcome aboard Frank, you are truly in good company, great Commando site, lots of experienced owner / mechanics willing to help.
A word to Mr Frank Damp, put away your fatalistic outlook Frank, you KNOW what you are missing, life is too short, I ride my '74 Commando in the Cleveland, Ohio area and thoroughly enjoy the experience.
I too grew up in the UK -- Middlesbrough, in the '60's when Tritons, Norbsa's, etc. were cobbled together in a garden shed, talk about a death wish, ride one of those buggers and you took your life and someone elses in your hands!, get your hands on a Commando before it is too late and relive your early days.Truly no offence intended Frank,get out and enjoy the Great Nor'west. ride safely. James.