Headlight Spacers

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Dec 27, 2005
I just received my nice new shiny headlight spacers ya know the ones that go between the headlight ears and the headlight, well as i went to put them in i discovered that the thread on my indicators are to short and with the spacers will not thread into the headlight shell.

does anyone know how thick the spacers are supposed to be as i may just be able to turn them down on the lathe with minimal effort.
Black/gold750Comando said:
does anyone know how thick the spacers are supposed to be

If you have been supplied with the correct 062035 spacers then (I would guess?) the size that the spacers are supposed to be is the size that they actually are? How long are they? And the part number doesn't seem to have changed over the model years.

What has to be remembered is that the standard Lucas indicators were produced with various stem and thread lengths, at least three stem lengths and (I think?) three or possibly four thread lengths were made at that time for use on various motorcycle applications (not just Nortons). Although the modern 'Lucas' types that are available recently only appear to be made with two stem lengths and one (or possibly two?) thread length(s).

If you have the indicator assemblies then you should be able to work out how long the spacers will need to be shortened to fit (without pulling the headlamp brackets in too much?).
Hi Folks-
A couple of thoughts on this one off the top of the head--
Weren't there 2 spacer lengths to accomodate the 7 inch as well as the smaller 5-1/2 inch headlight shell? I don't have my parts book handy for a look.
Also, if the stem hasn't enough threading to clear the spacer, run a die up it and lengthen the threaded part. Go only as far as you need to avoid marring the chrome that shows and maybe seal it up with a touch of clear to help keep it from oxidising.
Just a thought.

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The spacer for the MCH66 headlamp is different, that part being 062300 and they are longer to compensate for the headlamp unit being smaller I would guess? They are 3/4" long.

I don't have my parts book handy for a look.

If you are near a computer then you are near a parts book (1971-75 models): http://www.bsa-regal.co.uk/

Adding extra thread may not be practical because the unthreaded section of the stem is smaller diameter than the threaded part as I believe the threads are 'rolled' not cut, unless they are the stainless aftermarket type stems that are a slightly larger diameter with a cut thread.

I have measured up a selection of stems and some are larger diameter than others so cutting extra thread could be possible?

An original stem would seem to measure up at about 0.391" and the (7/16") threaded section at 0.416" so any cut thread would only be about half as deep as it would normally be.
I have measured the indicator stalks they stalk is 12.5cm long, Thread Lenght is 2cm and Stalk di is 1cm and so is the threaded area so i might lengthen the thread sometime this week.

Thanks for the info.
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