Hanslwbar vibrations

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Dr Ja' Vue

I have to thanks Frank D and others including Hewho~ and others for their input some time back when I went thru this very same issue~



Essentially I run a standard MKIII box head steady~ and MKIII Isolastic verniers. I set the vernier at <.600> as a compromise between the optional 'tight' and 'touring' settings.

As stated, my replacement of both tyres and backing off of the top box transformed the bike ~

Now I get a vibration up to approx 1800 - 2200 depending on circumstance and after that the vibration becomes minimal !

Well, after loosening off the ISO's I rode 90 miles to the coast and back with half at 72mph (4000 revs on my 4.114 gearing). Vibes definitely reduced though still not as smooth as the old pre blow up motor and shim setup. Still thinking I did more damage to the frame than just bending the LH frame rail which was pushed forward 5/16 when the engine let go (and bending the bolt!). I know after the rebuild when I had to lever the ISO backwards and force the front bolt in place I had trouble. Still, I rode it anyway and found huge vibration. It felt like a rigid mounted twin. What happened other than heavily stressing the main rubbers was that the front inner buffer rubbers were in contact with the tube ID on the n/s. I later replaced them with the Norvil Mk3 kit after straightening the frame.
Looks like another full teardown over winter and a complete check dimensional & squareness alignment check. It would be nice to leave it alone after 8 years of getting the bike right, leakfree, handling OK and reliable.

Oh come on....where's the adventursomeness out there? This guy has built a rolling fantasy and I think he has done a good job of it. Just cause it's different, doesn't mean it's bad....Salvador Daly had a knack for expressing his fantasy too, and we don't all think his paintings are trash... or? At least this fellow didn't take a perfectly good Commando and tear it up so no one can ever put it back to specs. All he did was use a motor and tranny, and they won't be damaged by sitting in that frame. I like it.....the chap has done a good job...certainly used more imagination than most of us on our bikes....or?

PS...that should get some of you going....... :wink:
I reckon it would go great with a dual adult Canterbury sidecar!

Anyway back to vibrations, Im still modifying (yawn yawn)

Latest version of the worlds smoothest Commando has handlebar weights made from 2 1/2 inch dia bar cut off to approx 1 1/2 inch. These have tamed the bac vibes 2500 to 3000 rpm. This however caused increased vibes at around 2000 rpm due to resonance in the handlebars. I found that this can be vastly reduced by bracing the bars to reduce flexing in the same way motorcross bars have a strut. The final bit is my very own patent rubber mounted steel hand grips. These are made in a lathe & consist of a 1 inch I/D tube with weight each end like a cotton reel shape, lead lined for extra weight. These are mounted to the handlebars by soft rubber bushes at each end. The overall effect of all these mods is a feel at the bars of extreme smoothness, still a bit at 2000 rpm but otherwise less vibration than my Triumph T300 which is almsot turbine smooth. It is like a totally different bike & no numb hands, even with thin gloves. It also has got rid of a slight weave when the hands are taken off the bars

Oh come on....where's the adventursomeness out there? This guy has built a rolling fantasy

Mate ~

I have to admit you're dead to rights here.. after lets give due credit when it is due! 8)

After all not everyone will appreciate a "Picasso" when our personal tastes dwell/ hover ~ around a " Monet" or a "Constable"~ !

Not my personal beer choice.. but the heart is still there eh !! And I am not one to stifle the artisan in others ~

In fact I am in constant contact with a 'dude' in the good 'ol US of A who is turning a perfectly original T150 V into a T150 Chop ~

Chops do not 'blow up my skirt' ~ but hey lets see what 'Daz' can do !!!! 8) :lol:

I would like a test ride on the 'Rolling fantasy' just for the experience.
Like other 'Rat' bikes they are a work of art though not built for comfort.
This one reminds me of something out of MAD MAX.
See there? I'm not the only one that sees this little beauty for what it is....bet there aren't but one or two members of the forum that would be fit enough with a torch to put something like that together, ( or high enough to dream it up) and I'm not one of them. Looks a bit like the old dirttrack bikes, reversed levers, lights out of the thirties and all....cool!

Most likely handles like a bathtub with an outboard, but who cares.......there certainly won't be six or eight of them sitting outside the door, when you go down the pub to get a beer...... and if you say this point wasn't a factor in our own choice of machine, your nose is growing.........

If we didn't want to drive something that was different than what everyone else drives, we'd all go out and buy a Harley too........... :wink:
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