Handlebar weights?

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Jan 21, 2008
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Never really thought about this but while reading up on crank balancing it was mentioned that adding weight to the bar ends stopped the vibes (nearly)
As someone who uses nylon or alloy bung as per the ACU handbook to stop the handlebars digging in when (if) you crash. The thought of actually weighting them had not crossed my mind. has anyone done this?

My new bike (project) was delivered in bits on Wednesday with lots to do.
Its a Caffrey Vendetta (A Seeley MK4 Built in the 70s. John asked & received Colins permission to do this) Its a 750 engine with 4s cam & big valve head. I can fit a PW3 cam but I like the 4s. However there is so much to do I may have to fit my 850 Carillo lump.
Any starting point?
all the best Chris
Use the search and check the old stuff here in the forum, someone had a big long Topic on that, but if I remember correctly, he found it was better to just get the isolastics adjusted properly and the whole bar end thing became passé.
should have looked first! to keen this morning with it on my mind last night.
I will post photos of the build if there is any intrest.
No isolastics in this bike iether!
all the best Chris
Not familiar with the machine you refer to, will wait for photos. I have my hands full with twenty other things at the moment, but some time I will get also going on my project and get that Dunstall 810 off the workbench... :wink:
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