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Jun 3, 2005
hi to everybody, i hope You can excuse my english but i'm italian.....
I have 3 70's Honda and now i would like to buy my first Norton. i've seen a 750 commando in very bad condition but very low price. can somebody tell me where is possible to buy spares on the net? can somebody tell me where is possible to find the part list and the owner manual?

Wellcome, Marco!

Easiest way is to browse through the "link”-section of this website… you will find it on website index.
You can buy new 99% of all parts for Commando's, secondhand on ebay also works but doesn't always mean cheaper.

Good retailers in UK are Mick Hemmings and RGM Motors, Norvil also do Commando Spares but you regularly hear horror stories as to service issues (last one posted on Brit-iron was a powder-coated yoke that was not masked at all, they blamed the customer) and as Mick Hemmings/RGM do all they do and has never let me down there is no need to test the validity of the stories.

Mick Hemmings stars in the latest Notrton Owners Club DVD stripping and rebuilding a Commando engine, its full of good tips and the put-takes are good too.

You can get spaers new and second hand from the Norton Owners club too, you pay less if a member.


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I had good service from Rocky Point Cycle in Ohio. I ordered the Mikuna Carb conversion kit and received it in 2 days, he was very helpful and said to call back for any tech issues, he is a Commmando owner. I had also phoned Baxter cycles in Iowa, they were also very helpful and enthusiasitc but about 15% higher in cost.
I have had good experience with Nick at BSA-Regal - the source for most new parts. They also have a good web page for picking parts.broken link removed
For what it is worth, I have had negative expierences with Norvil - almost everything they have can be sourced somewhere else, so I avoid them. Rabers, Rocky Point, Walridge and British Cycle supply have all been helpfull and professional. It is wise to price compare, but don't forget about currency conversions, taxes and shipping charges.

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thanks fastback, i saw on Your site a lot of things interesting!!! You also made nice bike shoots, it seems a small model, nice. :wink:
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