Sep 4, 2009
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Round and round it goes.........
I'm baaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk...

Not to the site, but back to the marque.

I started riding in 1967 on a Honda 125 Benley and bought my first "real" motorcycle in 1971. It was a blue, metal-flake 1970 Norton Commando "S". The learning curve was steep, but I was lucky to be learning in western Canada where targets were few, and soccer moms were as yet non-existent! In the intervening years I got married, got educated, grew a practice and raised a family. During that time, both kids learned to love motorcycles and still currently ride. I have gone through a few marques and models and have always done my own wrenching............. something learned of necessity from that first Commando experience. I've had street and dirt machines, ventured into the Japanese and Italian marques, and been in and out of 2 strokes. I suspect the most memorable machine to date was the RZ 500, and not for particularly good reasons........ that thing was a beast!

I found a nice but needy black, 1972, Commando just yesterday, and struck a deal with the current owner. Luckily he covets a Trident that he's found recently. I'll pick it up next week, and then it's off to the races once more! This one has a metal tank and Boyer ign. so there's that lot that can be ignored. It needs exhaust pipe attention, so it looks like I might just reproduce my original "S" conformation.

I have been shocked to see the amount of re-engineering of various bits that are out there now. I am liking the idea of the hydraulic clutch conversion, and I have come to appreciate lightened unsprung mass, so new aluminum rims are dangerously likely.

Winter is on it's way, up here, so this acquisition is quite timely! I guess it's time to get to know John Oland again!