God rides a Norton

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Jul 3, 2006
Hi guys,

Someone must have a copy of this Poem. I had one on my pc but my wife deleted it accidentally and now I can't find another copy. Geoff Seddon, current editor of Street Machine here in Australia, wrote this poem some years ago now. I think it's called Ode to the Norton or something similar and talks about how good Harleys and Triumphs are but finishes with words to the affect that God rides a Norton. Any help with a copy would be appreciated
I don't know guys........
I think God rides a Black Shadow, but Jesus would prefer a Fastback. :D

Kansas, America
Prepared for an eternity in an uncomfortable flame suit for blasphemy sharing a corner table with Joe Stalin
At Sunday School, I always thought that Jesus wanted me for a Sunbeam ! I hope that he meant a Marston one and not an S7 or S8 :)
Just picture the scene,
God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost turn up at a remote Inn on their respective Norton, Triumph and Honda (the Ghost's Harley had broken down again!), in need of rest and refreshment. On entering the establishment the Landlord indicates to the Trinity, a notice "NO BIKERS, LONG HAIRED HIPPIES OR UNDESIRABLES WILL BE SERVED". The trio leave in good humour, but not before revealing that they had been followed by some Horsemen and that they might be less tolerant. Old Nick, sat in his regular spot in front of the log fire and smirked, his SLK didn't bar him, and as he supped his G & T he continued his recruitment drive.


PS. Me Commando is getting a bit grubby through lack of cleaning, but still starts first'ish kick. Rory still can't start her but that's probably just as well 'cos he now knows the **** code to get into my garage - li'l B'strd.
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