Gearbox wont select gears

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Dec 27, 2005
i took the bike out for a ride today but it wouldnt select top pulled the outta case off and put some tension on the spring that goes onto were the gear selector lever goes and took her for another spin, it selected top but on the way back it wouldnt select any gears at all dunno why even when i rock it it wont select a gear please help!!!!

Sounds like you may have 'biased' the pawl spring?

If the spring is not set correctly then the gears will shift badly in one direction or not at all.

To correct the problem look at the top photo here:
This shows the ratchet assembly

The cranked leg of the spring should be the lower one.

With the ratchet assembly in the 'neutral' position and ALL THREE PIVOT POINTS EXACTLY LINED UP (what is shown in the photo is the ratchet position as fourth gear is selected) and with the ends of both legs of the pawl spring resting on the plate the legs should either JUST TOUCH or JUST CLEAR the pawl on both sides by EXACTLY the same amount with the pawl resting squarely in position.

The legs of the spring should be bent carefully to adjust it.

The pawl spring can break so it is a good idea to fit a new one occasionally or at least keep one handy as if it does break the gearbox will not select at all.
so to corect the problem i should make sure that both the spring legs are touching the plate and then bend them so there is a gap on either side of the pawl around the same gap either side i will try this in the morning as it is 10pm in australia.
i went to the website and discovered that the gearbox is in 4th but for a odd reason i can move it around freely i have come to the conclusion that i may have broken something in the gearbox just wat i need before rego.
The layshaft bearing may be gone or on the way out, when mine went the first symptom was the kickstart lever moving on its own on acceleration followed by gearchange problems finally leaving me stuck in 4th. This all happened within 7 miles of riding.
Well you may have broken something but are you sure the selector mechanism is working properly? Does the selector move the quadrant from the first to fourth gear positions? (from the bottom to the top of the slot in the inner cover).
With the outer cover off can you select any gears by manually moving the quadrant up or down?
i pulled the outer cover off and the inner cover to discover there was nothing broken and i used a screwdriver and put force on the quadrant and it clunked into 4th gear as i proceded to put the inner cover back on i discovered that the quadrant was hitting the inner cover so i filed that down to allow room put the cover back on and it goes into 4th manually nice so i proceed to put the outter cover back on making sure the pawl lined up properley got it back on tightened everyything up and went to change gears while rocking the bike but still nothing. i have come to the conclusion that it must be in the selector pawl and spring i will pull it back of tomorrow and have a look and if i cant fix it i will take it to a specilist. On that note does anyone know a good norton specilaist in victoria.
If you can select all gears with the inner cover off but the quadrant hits the end of the slot with the inner cover on then it is possible that the quadrant is not timed to the camplate correctly?

Filing the slot may not cure the problem.
Read what it says about fitting the cam plate.
i have had a look at wich tooth on the quadrant lines up with the cam plate and it is the very first tooth on quadrant so im pretty sure that is right, i think that the case wasnt made to specs properly as it was an aftermarket one i had bought in australia, i will check tonight if it goes through all the gears manually but it seems like it is getting stuck between the 3rd and 4th dip in the cam plate.
I would just like to thanks everyone that has helped me get through this problem wich turned out to be the timing and the gears not dogging together properley so thanks again.
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