Gearbox Shell Questions / Concerns

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Jun 11, 2005
Hello All!

After heating up shell for bearing(s) installation, I spotted a "noticeable "crack in shell starting at indent plunger. I followed crack to bottom of shell and it appears that there is the making of a seam or crack? pretty much all the way around shell. Is this normal? Was there a weld seam or was the gearbox a mold? I have read of how poor the quality of the shells were, and that Quaiffe and Andover have improved shells. Is this crack an indication of the beginning of the end? I'd rather buy a new one than have it fail at the wrong time.

Please advise,
It is not a crack but a parting line where the mold is split in two during the casting process. I have two G/box shells in my workshop at the moment and have checked that they both have the line exactly as you describe. Don't worry go ahead and reassemble is my advice.
The normal crack is between the 2 bearings in the back of the casing, it would crack there before anywhere else.
Thank you very much Dave M and Kommando for your responses!

I purchased the Mick Hemmings gearbox DVD a while back and upon review last night I noticed the mold seam is in the same spot. I dropped a few coins in replacement close-ratio gears, a rebuild kit from Mr. Hemmings , and a new inner cover. I would hate to have spent all that money and have the shell come apart!

Thanks again!
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