gearbox question

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Dec 27, 2008
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getting my gearbox reassembled. have the gears assembled into the shell and quadrant shifts all 4 gears. put inner cover on and and screwed a couple bolts on to hold it. quadrant really stiffened up. i didnt put the gastket between cases in place. is it normal to stiffenup. hate to assemble the rest and have to pull it apart again. as always thanx in advance, rick
Sounds like your layshaft may not have seated all the way into it's backside bearing, or the bearing itself was not fully seated in the case...
It is possible to put the 3rd main gear in backwards along with its fork and reassemble everything. It will get tight and not shift then. The forks should go back-to-back. Don't ask how I know!
i had the detent plunger screwed all the way in. took it apart and reassembled and its working well now. also forgot to move the mainshaft and sleeve gear around. live and learn. thanks fer the help boys. rick
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