gear selector question

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May 20, 2006
1975 MKIII, so left side shift, haven't riden the bike yet. My question is that when I shift the lever I can only find 1st, neutral and 2nd gear. Moving the lever up past 2nd doesn't "click" into 3rd or 4th. Do I have a problem? :oops: Trying to get things sorted out before I take it for a spin in the next couple weeks (once the other bits are done). Any help is greatly appreciated!
If it worked when it was put together, there's not much to go wrong that will cause the problem. Possibly gear selector pawl spring but then it usually won't go at all.

There is plenty of backlash in an AMC box and it's not helped by the Mk111 cross over set up.

Have you tried it on the mainstand, rocking the rear wheel backwards and forwards ? If you're not doing that, the chances of having the box in a place where all four gears can be selected must be practically (and probably theoretically ?) nil.
I see, so if I try turning the rear wheel I should be able to get all the gears. I'll try that. Can you tell I'm new to this :oops: ?
Hey... I notice your from Nova Scotia? I'm from Halifax, your Norton doesn't happen to be black? You have to rock the commando back and forth when sitting to get through the gears.
Thanks for the reply. I'll try that. It just seems the lever is really wobbly...thought there might be something wrong there. Maybe just typical play from the cross-over set up? Yes NateC, I'm in Annapolis Royal. My Interstate is the silver color though. I believe there is a guy in Greenwood with a black Norton who rides regularly. Seen him a few times on the old highway. I got mine in PEI in May. Really nice original bike, just needing a little freshening up. Drop a line if you're ever down this way and take a look at it. Love to show it off :D
Yeah.. I saw that Commando driving around here, it was the first Commando I have ever seen other than mine that was complete.
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