G'Day from Oz

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Oct 11, 2008
Hi Guys,
Recently picked up a 1974 850 Interstate and about to start a resto.
She's in pretty good nick and hope to have her on the road before
too long.
All the best
G'Day from Oz


Gidday from extreme Far north QLD..

Looks good.... glad to help out with experienced back ground with an 850 ~ if desired ~ 8)

Yo Stuart

Thanks mate. Appreciate that. Keep you posted

The heads have been done for unleaded and have
Black Diamond valves, all seals and gaskets above the
barrel base are supposed to have been done, as has the
primary. Forks need a refurb as do the carbies. Failing that,
I think she's pretty right. No doubt they'll be a few surprises :?

Sounds good mate ~~

Carbs ~ I did with SS, years ago.. fine now !

I wanted to do unleaded valves and seats ~ but the technology was lacking ten years ago ~ (??)

Do your self a HUGE favour.. replace the low tension leads from the point/ electronic module s to the coils / module ~

It is a low cost item and I guarantee it is a BIGGY that 97% of us overlook ~ but it WILL let you down !
thanks for the tip. Have already done the spark plug leads.
Have still got points and after talking to a couple of blokes
who've had them for years, am going to stick with them for the time being. Mind you, have a Boyer in my T140V which works well so far.
Running two Mikuins on the Bonnie, what's your thoughts on the
Amal/Mikuini question ?
Also running Penrite 20/50 in the Bonnie, mineral and additive free.

any thoughts appreciated

Amals and Mikunis are a whole different ballgame aren't they? Once you get Mikuni's set up they are really nice. I run them on my everyday Chang, instant warm up, and more sophisticated. Often better mileage and drivability.
This comes with the disadvantage of being more complex, difficult to service, and more difficult to repair on the road.
The simplicty of the Amal is a real joy once its characteristic wear is dealt with.
If I was going to use the bike as an everyday drive I'd go Mikuni.
As I am using my Norton I think it needs the Amals.
I vote for AMALs; they're dead simple to work on and provide excellent performance. And besides, they look really great on a Norton.
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