Gas cap roll pin

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Apr 15, 2004
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I went ahead and bought a steel Roadster tank for my bike. Now I need to swap some gas caps. Thus a couple of questions:

How do I get the roll pin out?

And how do I get the roll pin in?

Just remember when removing/reinstalling the roll pin to cover the paint in the immediate area with a couple of layers of masking tape for protection from a nasty slip. Personal experience speaking :oops:

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It's a scary business isn't it ? drifting a pin into a newly painted tank.

If you have access to a lathe then making a double diameter drift to fit inside the pin but bear on the end is worthwhile as it can't slide off then. That means all you'll have to worry about is where you swing the hammer :)
I find installing the pin more difficult than removing it.
First I used a ball peen hammer, but the head was too large.
One has to aim off center of the head towards the edge, very difficult
I sourced a funny looking hammer with a very small head.
I think it's a tack hammer, not sure.
Short, deliberate strokes got er done.

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