Funny-Swinging arm spindle

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
So after a few classes of wine and beer i went into the garage to get my swinging arm spindle out. I dont have a slide hammer.

So Kim is really into helping. I thought it would be great if she pounded it out. I heated everything, then using a 4 lb club hammer, she was banging from primary and she was bashing the drift I was holding.

Note the whole cradle is out of the frame. So she was doing very well just not hitting hard enough. I told her to hit harder and she missed and nailed my finger.

I dont give up that easy so I took over and started pounding it out. I missed and smashed my thumb to bits. Blood everywhere!

So my right finger is screwed up and my left thumb is totally destroyed for a while!

Funny-Swinging arm spindle

Funny-Swinging arm spindle
Ow! Sorry to hear about your mishap, Jerry!

I hope you have a speedy recovery.


Ouch! Sometimes don't you just wish you stayed on the grog and the
whole nasty event never happened.
Gee I must have been lucky when I pulled mine apart, came out easy.
However my bike has done low mileage so that helps I guess.
Maybe you have some step wear, aswell as corrosion in there.
If you have a heat source, oxy-acetylene, I would heat up the outer case of the cradle, then with it in the position you have it in now, pour some cold water over the exposed end of the spindle, to shock it out.

A slide hamer form your local discount auto parts should be pretty cheap, once you have one you will find it usefull for as long as you are poking around with old bikes.

Cheers and hope you recover soon.

Regards Richard
I had excactly same trouble when restoring mine, previous owner had use d grease instead of oil & it turns to thick poo. I used heat lump hammers & words that I did not know the meaning of!
Is yours a Mk 3 with cotter pins, if so great, if not spindle is held in with only 1/4 inch bolt in centre. Lethal in my opinion. I got from car shop some u clamps of closest dia to outer swingarm tube, & just used U part, but made new straight part by filing !/4 in thick steel to make 2 strong U clamps which would fit round outside of tube. When this was tightened, the tube was compressed on to the spindle which took up any possible movement & made the whole lot safer. These in 10 years have not worked loose nor has the swing arm given any problem at all.
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