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Hi all,

Anybody know (Dave?) the correct thread for the fuel taps :?:

I measured 1/2"-18, but I'm wondering if it really is 1/2"-20 (UNF), and I don't want to charge ahead only to see metal shaving on the tap :shock:

I need to remove the tank sealer from the threads, and can't get a good read on my pitch gauge with the shank on the tap.

I found a site that lists 1/2"-18 as something called BS-Cond., which seems to be a variant of a Whitworth.

Why can't we all just get along :)
Hi Dave,

Oh boy! Another opportunity to buy a tool :lol:

Actually, I'm thinking of ordering one or more, so if anybody else within earshot wants one, let me know ... just have to figure out this pounds thingy ...

Of course if I get to your neck before then, I'll bring the tank.
Britsh taps & dies


I get my taps & dies from Britsh Tools & Fasteners in Los Osos, Ca.
Call Philip Brown at 1 800 587-0475. The last price I had on the 1/4 BS pipe thread tap was $13.20. That was a couple of years ago.
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