Front sprocket nut removal

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May 11, 2007
Is there an easy way to remove the nut from the front sprocket (the one on the tranny sleeve gear) without having to remove the entire mainshaft? I can't find any sockets deeper than the one i have now to fit over the mainshaft and, with the chain in place to keep the shaft from rotating, i can't get enough of a wrench on there without gouging up the wrench. And yes, i do know that the nut is LH thread.

If it comes down to it and i really do have to take the mainsaft out, does that mean basically having to disassemble the complete innards of the gearbox, or is there some tricky way of just removing that shaft and its associated gears? I have yet to tear into my own gearbox so i'm fairly unfamiliar with disassembly.
Hi scheffy.G

Buy yourself a 3/4 x 7/8 Whit box spanner which is what I use & you will not need to remove m/shaft.
RGM sell them for about a fiver £5.
Regards Hursty. :)
If I understand your question correctly, It should be a simple removal of the sprocket nut retainer (the retainer is secured with a slotted screw) and then use a 1-1/2" deep impact socket to remove the nut. It should even be loose enough to remove with a Crescent wrench.
A plummer's cowbell is about the cheapest tool to use. That's a stamped steel socket, usually double ended, found in most hardware stores. IIRC, most 1/2" drive deepwells aren't deep enough. I use a 3/4" drive short socket with a 3/4' pipe welded to it. The square 3/4" hole being enough to swallow the mainshaft. This socket works for the fork top caps too. Drill a 17/32" hole through the pipe and use a piece of 1/2" round stock for a handle. Don't overtighten when you install. I don't recall if there is a torque spec, but it doesn't need much.
I did this job recently. My 1-1/2" AF deep socket wasn't deep enough. I bought a cheapo 1-/7/16" and 1-1/2" wrench (the length of my arm!) and used the 1-/7/16" end on the nut while standing on the brake lever (which you have to reinstall temporarily, obviously).
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