Fork Nuts Spanner?

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Jul 10, 2004
Is there a special tool (spanner or socket) for the Fork Nuts? I measured across the flats - about 1.325", went and bought a 1-3/8 socket. This is a 12 pt, was hoping to find a 6-pt as this would hold better. Anyway, the socket is quite loose on the nut and I'm sure it will damage it.

Plan "B"? Stuart
That's odd. The fork nuts (yes I know they're really bolts) on my bike are 1-5/16". I just bought a big box-end wrench (aka "ring spanner") from Sears and it worked fine. They weren't very tight. I wonder why yours are smaller?

Spanner at CRA


Thanks for your quick note. I found a spanner on CRA's site, "N009" for $12.95. I'll get one of these.

The socket I bought was about $15, and the 3/4 to 1/2 drive adapter was about $7, so they're going back to Sears for credit.

CRA site


Wondering about CRA's website. Could you share it? Did I miss something?

And how did the wrench work out, on the fork nut?


1. I did buy a 1-5/16 combo wrench at Sears and it works fine.

2. Clubman Racing Accessories is in CT and Frank there is quite knowledgeable, has a nice selection of parts.

I bought a set of their rearsets for my '72 Interstate and they installed easily, were well made, about $220.

Check out the site! Stuart
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