For the Real Aussie and would be travellers!

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Scored 15, end comment was there would be mutterings of 'he is only a yank', why assume all tourists are yanks :D .
Hmm. If I ever make it down for a visit I guess I'll have to hire a translator! :P

You got 20 answers right.
You got 0 answers wrong.
You're a bottler, mate!
You are a fair dinkum, ridgy didge, dinky die, true blue, dyed-in-the-wool Ocker-like strine speaker. Well bugger me, you could probably even play a didgeridoo and know the proper way to twirl a billy. Goodonya. Get us another stubbie while you're up, will ya... and have one yourself while you're at it!

You bloody ripper ! Dunno many ozzies talk that way though, I think Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) & that current crocodile man (Steve Irwin) are the only ones. Advertising gimmick only ??
Geez mates, NSW is full of poofters also these daze. Bring back the biff I reckon !!

Seriously, no one talks like the joke site indicated, but we could bung it on for yas just for laffs. Aussie,Aussie,Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi !!
Mate ~
I reckon it is STILL a hangover form " Bazza MAkenzie ".. hmm 30 years ago !!
Even Barry Crocker reckons he is amazed te way people still recall Bazza and give him the big wave!

But then I am always ready to blow the top of a few, myself ! :roll: :wink:

I got 18 out of the 20 ~ and one was because I had not even heard of the term 'Stodge " ~ and the second for the same reason!!!

And I grew up as a genuine 'bushy' ~
Geez that was hard, I got only 16 right and I live in Sydney. Just goes to show some of the terms are not national, but regional.


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