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Jun 19, 2003
first, i'd like to thank all of you folks' input over this last year. it seems that all the workshop manuals are mere footnotes to the collective knowledge this board has and i'm grateful for your friendly help.

and now my question

i've heard mention of footpegs that you can buy that are not rigid. They have some kind of swivel that (in my mind at least) is much more similar to the footpegs on modern street bikes. i have been grinding the rubbers off of my stock footpegs in the hills and am looking for something that won't unweight the tires when it kisses the ground. i don't feel ready to go the whole clip-ons and rear sets route as i still like to carry passengers.

has anyone any experience with these? or does anyone have any suggestions for intermediate steps between what i've got and the full-on race gear?

also, i am fully aware that the easiest solution to this problem is to slow down and be happy with what i've got. i'm hoping for another option.

Dunstall Rearsets ?

Hey Jeremy,
Fold up footpegs will only save your rubbers. In my madder younger years, (I take corners to stay upright nowadays), I had a dunstall norton with the u beaut rearsets. Problem was, the header pipes (not the dunstall type) were the next thing to scrape on my bike. I ended up wearing a hole in one.......But this was due to the extra weight of my wife. One up it was great. Usually you would only scrape the headers when u hit a depression in the road though & it only scrapes momentarily, just enough to get a hit in the ribs from your passenger/pillion :lol:

So I guess if you must push it through corners will pay for it somehow in the end.........

Maybe someone else knows better..of course.

Stay Upright
Nortonfan is right, the fold up pegs will only keep you from bending them or the hangers and wearing out the rubbers. A better answer is rearsets. These should not only move the pegs rearward, but upward as well. Once you do that, you'll need to address the problem of scraping the headpipes. Perhaps a set of S or SS upsweeps or genuine Production Racer pipes that tuck up close to the frame.

There is a little satisfaction, however to look at the bike from the rear and see the missing wedges of rubber!

Ron L
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