Fixing up an old Norton--------------sensuous

Aug 11, 2006
Hi Folks-
Everybody knows that a Commando is sensuous. Looks sensuous, sounds sensuous and feels sensuous. So can it be to re-do one. For example:
Sensuous going to do the head gasket, might as well re-ring it.
Sensuous going to take the head steady off you should bead blast and paint it.
Sensuous going to have the exhaust off, might as well put a new rubber in the primary cover to fix that leak.
Sensuous going to fix that leak, might as well clean that clutch that's dragging a bit.
Sensuous going to have the other side of the exhaust off, might as well put a new gasket on the timing cover.
Sensuous going to have the cover off, might as well tidy up the oil pump, adjust the cam chain and put in a new points seal.
Sensuous going to have that much oil on the floor anyway, the trans cover could use new o-rings and a gasket.
Sensuous waiting for the one seal you don't have in stock or forgot to order last time around and the exhaust's off anyway, might as well polish those grungy z-plates and every other aluminum part you've removed.
And on and on.............

Kansas, America
73 850 Roadster and other sensuous machines
I don't know whether it sounds to sensuous, i think it's more a Labour of Love maybe, some thing that could be a bit of a pain but you like doing, like washing the old dog, or taking the kids to football, but not something i'd get aroused over, maybe i better get the Viagra script filled again :wink:

Dunno about sensuous, but one thing leads to another for sure.

My total frame-up restoration started out as a top-end rebuild. But once I got in I noticed a few things that weren't right. And a few other things, and while it was apart I figured I might as well.. (well, you know the rest!)

"old Norton"


I hate it when a Commando is called an "old Norton". Old Nortons have one cylinder. I remember Commandos on the showroom floor and actually bought one new. I'm not ready to admit to getting old, not as long as I can kick start a combat engine.
Hi David-
Point noted, but in less than 2 years the 73 will be elligible for an antique plate, even here in Kansas, where the motor vehicle department is run sans common sense, it seems. Heck, it is an old bike. I'm getting to be an old person, and I really dig it. Gives me the wisdom to look at the world thoughtfully and choose carefully what I allow to raise my blood pressure.
Commandos are obsolete technology. That we as a group take the time, energy and means to care for them flies in the face of the "newer, better, shinier, more high-tech" mantra that some may say is draining not only the ability to save, but the soul from our society. Relish your "Old Norton", revel in it, care for it, and pass along the appreciation of it and things obsolete and beautiful to another generation.

Kansas, America
Livin' in the past in Mid-USA