Finally finished my restoration

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Nov 12, 2004
Hi all,

I haven't posted here much, but I've learned alot over the years. I finally finished my resto on my 69 fastback. I'm moving on to other projects, so I have to let it go unfortunately. It sure looks nice.

Finally finished my restoration

Finally finished my restoration

Finally finished my restoration

1969 Norton Commando 750 Fastback

50 miles on a top to bottom restoration. Totally beautiful—would look good on the street or in your living room. Every nut and bolt replaced or replated.
Matching numbers on frame, engine, gearbox
Located in Tucson, Arizona

500 miles on a totally rebuilt engine
All parts sandblasted and repainted—epoxy primer and polyurethane.
Polished all aluminum
Restored fiberglass tank
New rear wheel/hub
New wiring harness
Correct style tires
Kickstart shaft seal mod from FairSpares
Nortech anti wet-sump
Boyer ignition
All new Mk3 isolastics
Brand new Amal carburetors
I don't get it. Why go through all of that hard work and expense only to sell the bike? :?

It looks very nice. Seems a shame you never got to ride it and enjoy it.

So any problem getting it to the ton? I just got my 750 to the good study 112 indicated yesterday for the first time in fourth gear. On a naked bike to get there and not shake is a chore. Like others it's hard to imagine letting go unless it disappointed you in some way. Or was it frighting you at speed? I know that I quit counting when the price went over 10,000 on mine. Maybe you just like to build and not ride so much?
A. I've been riding this bike for the last 4 years, so I've had plenty of fun.

B. I'm a restorer first, rider second. If I continue riding it, the bike will only devalue from its present condition.

C. I need to make room for the airplane I'll be building in my shop.
fastbackchris said:
1969 Norton Commando 750 Fastback

Lovely! Very nice work there. I hope you accept nothing less than your asking price --seems to me more than fair given the work you've done on it.

wrench, wishing he had a spare 8900 bills right now.....
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