Feed back ~ after trailor job~

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May 22, 2004
Well I am extremely pleazed to report that 12 months later after experiencing a break down and trailer job home ~ the Commando is sweeter than it has EVER been !

Just goes to show that it only takes very small over sight on any restoration to bring 'the horse' down..

I reported that that time the Commando ground to a halt for the price of a $4 cable ~

The bike had spark.. but would not run ~ and had bailed me up several times but after a short period started.. no amount of pushing priming~ or even replacement of the Boyer gained a resolve.

The low tension leads were either high resistant or open circuited ~

Now the bike has NO fuel problems ~ (previously ~ if I did not replace any unused fuel every two weeks ~ the bike was a real bitch !)

Starting can be achieved on one kick ~
Carbs don't need to be tuned with monotonous regularity ~

" ~ All for the want of a horse shoe nail ~ "
Not open for further replies.