Exhaust / Header Pipes

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Jul 26, 2008
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On my way to work yesterday enjoying the ride cruising 75 mph thinking to myself "man she's running great today" i suddenly heard a loud exhaust sound and look to find my right side exhaust pipe on the road still attached to the muffler sparking down the road.

It broke at the collar. Clean brake, time for new Exhaust pipes.

Any suggestions on what i should replace them with?

Its an 850 commando roadster 1973. Looks fairly stock. No 2 in one. Just something clean / tucked looking.

Any suggestions or ideas appreciated.

While your replacing the pipe, check your isolastics. Too much movement could put strain on the pipe and cause the failure you descirbe.

I have been impressed with the set of inexpensive EMGO headpipes I put on my Interstate last winter. They tuck in close to the frame and the chrome is still looking good 10 months later.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I will dig into the iso's today. The front end has been vibrating aggressively lately. Even at a low 900-1000 rpm it the front tire is shaking and with the choke on its really bad.

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