Exhaust Crossover Pipe - What's Up With That?

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Aug 22, 2005
This is one of those three-in-the-morning, laying there wondering kind of things. Ran a search and found nothing. What is the reason/function for the crossover pipe; back pressure, lower noise emission, more chrome to polish? Mine looks good and keeps the tach cable from flopping around and pestering things. Thanks, Theo
The balance pipe, in theory and on the dyno, is placed to take advantage of the exhaust pulses, contributing to greater scavenging of the spent combustion gasses AND smoothing/mellowing the exhaust tone.

A properly merged x-pipe or two into one exhaust system gives better overall performance than a balance pipe system or a 2 to 2 system, but a balance pipe system was a good compromise between peak HP and noise regs.
When i fiteed one in place of an unbalanced system the edge was taken off the exhaust note (only slighly :lol: ) and the mid-range acceleration improved too. No plans here to back to lose it.
Crossover reply

So, the crossover pipe allows the "other" header pipe to help pull exhaust gasses out of the cylinder that just fired, helping the engine to breathe better? Is this why the Dunstal two-into-one exhaust system is said to be better also? Thanks, Theo
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