Engine Rebuild

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Jun 12, 2007
So I'm about to rebuild my engine. It will have been rehoned, have new piston rings, refaced cylinder head plate, new gaskets etc and I was wondering what the revieved wisdom was as far as breaking in is concerned.

I have to take it for a 70 mile motorway ride not long after it's been put back together so should I be taking it nice and easy or giving it some welly?

Motorway rides aren't great for running in.
You need to vary the rpm, accelerate, decelerate change gear etc.
The main thing is not to lug the engine in too high of a gear, or slog it hard on accelleration. Let the engine breathe, and accellerate through the power curve, and decellerate modestly. You can run it on the motorway, but do vary the speed and again, don't lug or slog it.
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