Engine but no frame

Devil speak

The benefit of buying a featherbed reproduction frame from someone like Andy Molnar (TGA.co.uk) is you will know it is straight. I personally wouldn't buy a used stripped frame. Why was it stripped? If I had any interest at all in building a from parts bike, I'd take a frame for nothing knowing it would need work. That said I obviously have trust issues with people selling used anything.

TGA also sells a nice swing arm for Pre-Commando specials.

Shipping a frame overseas to the US will hurt though. Probably hurt a lot due to the size.
My project P11 was stripped down to a frame/swingarm, a matching crankcase, and a 1972 New Mexico title. I've always assumed that it was stripped down in the early 1970's simply because it was an obsolete dirt bike and at the time was probably worth more as parts for some other Norton. My frame looks good, some paint is worn off, but there are no dents in it and everything looks straight. My point is just that sometimes a pretty decent bike gets stripped down simply because its parts are worth more than the whole, then 20-40-60 years later some idiot decides to build a new bike around whatever is left. Good frames are still out there, though I admit that a good original featherbed might be hard to come by given the fact that people have been using them up for 60 years, now.
I still like the NorBSA idea. I'd build one of those if I had the parts.