Egli Vincent frame by EGLI - For sale

That's a complete Egli frame. The Vincent engine is a stressed member.
Sorry mate I was just messing about
I know it's a complete frame
It's just British humour
Cheers mate
Given the quality of Godet’s workmanship that frame is an absolute bargain !!
Just over £2500 for such a beautifully made nickel plated Egli frame… a sleepless night for me last night as I had to seriously fight off thoughts of an Egli Norton build… !
A Norton engine in an Egli frame.
Perhaps, if you like your Eglis shaken but not all that stirring!
How about a yamaha virago 1100 engine/ well actually the earlier 920 with it's chain final drive?.. I know , I know ...perish the thought right ;)
I have an ES2-type in a replica Egli, just finished.
I was thinking of the Commando engine, most likely a 920 for Nigel . I think that would be a very tingly road ride in a solid mount Egli. And not nearly as exciting as Nigel's 1330 Egli-Vincent .