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Do you buy Norton parts on eBay?

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Hi all,

I've been shopping on eBay a lot lately, and it occured to me that some of us may be unknowingly bidding against each and other forcing the price up "unnecessarily".

I thought that if we knew we were bidding against another forum member, maybe we could save each other some money. I certainly would back off if I knew somebody here wanted the same part. Or maybe we could work out a deal taking turns "winning". I don't have a good solution right now ... maybe some other folks have other ideas :wink: .

I know it's probably not Kosher as far as eBay is concerned (or maybe it's OK), but I think we should certainly help each other out whenever we can.

Please add your thoughts and take the poll.
My only purchase from ebay turned out bad. The product sold was supposed to be in perfect condition. It wasn't! :evil: When this happens you have very little recourse to get your money back and ebay takes a position that it's between you and the seller. Guess what the sellers got the money and unless he's totally dishonest he'll give you the money back and the you are only out shipping BOTH WAYS. Don't get blinded by the FEEDBACK BS. For your trouble of leaving a negative feedback on the joker you'll get a negative feedback in return. My humble opinion is that ebay is too risky for the benefit of low cost and like Dave I've found the prices that things sell for on ebay usually exceed what you can purchase them for from legitimate retailers.
That is a good concept. Not sure if that's a legal question or ethical one. If a group of sellers got together to agree to not lower prices we would call that price fixing. Certainly consumers would cry foul. And if your consumer was the US Government you'd be looking at fines and possibly JAIL time. I've seen it happen! Or is more of a case of cooperative buying. Somewhat like what small farmers do to enhance their bargaining power.
But, If something as informal as an Ebay username was added to the "classic bike profile" I certainly would not bid against another forum member without contacting them to acertain their needs. Example, are they bidding on a bit just to have a spare or is it just a better one than they currently have, or is that the piece they need to get back on the road.

As Dave mentioned I rarely win auctions also. Not because I have knowledge of the true worth of the items or how much I can get them from elsewhere but I have limited means. I always picture I'm bidding against someone who has a pile of money on their computer table just laughing as they bid. I picture I'm bidding against Jay Leno or some rich collector. The auctions I win are the items no one else wants...

Good topic...
eBay poll

So far I have made two purchases on eBay. One was for a rear fender , with "some rust". The photos didn't look too bad but when I opened the box, it was mostly rust with some fender included, my bad. The other purchase was a 19" rear wheel/hub assembly which was in excellent shape and the price was right, but the seller stated he was going out of town and I didn't receive the merchandise until about three weeks later. I really sweated that one out, thinking that I'd been taken. I' probably use it again now that I know what to expect. Norvil in England has really good prices. I bought front and rear vernier isolastics from them with a credit card. got the parts within a week. the postage is really high, but I still saved money compared to U.S. Prices.
Greetings All...

I used EBay extensively in 2000 when I first got my Norton and was building her up. Did not run into any bad deals, the prices were right, and even made a few friends.

I have noticed that the prices have been going up, to the point where you can buy the item new for the same price as the auction. Since I am saving any money, I've turned my business toward Old Britts and Rabers. Both outfits deal with me fairly, quickly, and can answer all the pesky questions I have.

I only use EBAY for parts that I cannot get at the shop. My buying experiences have been mixed - the biggest letdown is getting parts delivered that are really in poor condition.

As I am in Australia the postage costs from the US or UK are signigicant. This makes small parts uncompetitive to buy on Ebay. The risk associated with buying large parts (ie. large costs) are too high for me.
Hi Dana

I restore a number of bikes, and bid regularly for Norton/ducati/Laverda/Morini parts especially. Some of these are hard to come by nowadays, and I set myself a price I'm prepared to pay, and don't EVER bid beyond that. Almost everyone I am in contact with about the above marques, also bids on E bay too; if you know somebody with a 'grand marque' who doesn't, I'd be suprised! If you were completely honest, would you let that sprongthrustergrommet go for $2 less just because somebody you never met also surfs the net? Nah, didn't think so...but I'm always amazed what people will pay for readily available parts, esp. for Norton where the supply is really good. If it's a rare item, you just have to slug it out with 20 or so others from all around the world( particulary with Laverda parts, I have to say). Classic bike ownership is like an expensive Mistress, oh so frustrating most of the time, and yet.... just occasionally...................!

Kind regards

You guys in the USA have about 600 norton items listed on ebay at any time, down under we have only 10 max..... at any time
I have to buy the parts from ebay that you can't buy new anymore.
So far I have made 70 or so purchases and the only problem I had was with a guy called Marshall Hagey of British Parts Chicago.........Beware.

All other purchases have been outstanding, no problems really.
I buy stuff on ebay quite a bit. I bought my bike on ebay! But you have to be careful, some of the parts for sale are junk and others end up costing more than a new part from a shop or website. You have to watch the shipping charges too. That can turn a good deal into a bad deal. I think ebay is a good resource for hard to find items though.

As for prospective bidders talking to each other... I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a free market and there's lots of other bidders anyway. And I wouldn't want to compete against another list member for something.

my two cents,

I have used EBAY for a number of things. I've seen some pretty silly prices. But if you don't know where to get whatever it is you want anywhere else .......? I bid on EBAY under mattfirebird.

Purchased a used Norton wiring harness; was happy with the transaction. I did Email the seller and confirm what I was getting. It didn't hurt that he lives just 50 miles away in a small town on the highway to our favorite beach. If I had needed to pay a visit, it would have been easy. Since, I won auctions for a headlight bucket and ring and a pair of headlight mounting ears. One ear in not very good condition, but the good one replaces the bad one I have. Anyone need a pair of beat up ears? :) Those two items have not arrived yet so the jury's still out. Headlight ring is from americanautorepair Item number: 2482279626. $10 plus shipping. Headlight Shell/Rim from nortoneer. Item number: 2482294294 $44.50 and shipping. Was I skinned, oiled or done right? There is a "britbikeparts" selling quite a bit of stuff. Any lowdown on him?

I know the feedback game can be iffy. I've got one negative due to a mistake on my part. By the time we got it straightened out EBAY wanted $20 to remove the negative, even though the seller agreed to change it to a positive. Another EBAY scam. Just decided to leave it there and let the other poitives speak for themselves. A friend of mine is a huge EBAY seller and tells some horor stories about people trying to jack him up or they will leave negative feedback. Communication is the key.

I've been reading the posts and it appears new parts are available? A Norton factory in Oregon? In England? Looks like I've got a lot of research ahead of me. Are there links in here to parts suppliers? I've found a few in Google but I'm not sure who's good and who's not.

Matt in Vancouver Wa

Please note that Raber's Parts Mart in San Jose, California is an excellent source for Commando parts. In fact, Raber's had everything I needed for a complete restoration of my '75 850 Commando; their phone number is: 408.998.4495.

Happy parts hunting!

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