ease of clutch pull...

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Jul 18, 2005
.. finally got a new clutch cable. its the stock length (54" maybe), which is to long for my clipons, but i decided to give it a shot.

i routed it as smooth as possible with the biggest sweeping bends, and it was SO much better than before, but still very tough to pull.

im an avid mountain bike racer and used to do xc racing as well. so im looking around my garage and see my old trusty bottle of white lightning lube and say what the hell, ill give it a shot. put amount 6-8 drops from the top of the cable (disconnected from handlebar and held up in the air and dripped onto the cable before the housing). let it sit for a minute or two and take her out for a little test ride. WOW.. so much easier. couldnt comment on how great it was. dont have the words to do so.

well im going to drop some more lube in there and let it sit longer, but if anyone has any troubles with theres and has access to this stuff, use it. i recommend it.

ease of clutch pull...

you could get it at any bicycle shop i would imagine

I bought a new Nylon type cable and laid it out so it was 'flowing' as possible and I was really surprised at just what a diff it made..

Same deal with throttle cables.. I was really surprised at what ad great improvement the nylon type cables and good lay out made.

I gotta get some new nylon cables. Where did you source yours out? And did you have to put the ends on yourself?

I usually get my parts out of New Zealand; British Motorcycle and Spares. NZ. Plus the exchange rate is in every one's favour!

(I have never had any problems with the goils and blokes there ~ but I know there has been some horror stories regarding 'big' ticket engine components .. )

And I also like Art Xander in the states who is a Norton Authority ~

As for ends etc.. No ~ in each case they were all ready to rock and roll..

Could not give you prices but all the prices were very good from memory .. well competitive `
Hey guys, check out this link:


These guys will make any cable you like, special lengths etc (road racing sidecars need looonnnngggg cables let me tell u). My mates and myself have used these guys for racing and road applications and their work/service is exemplary. Exchange rate would be good as well

I'm happy to help if need be as I only live a short pushbike ride from their premises. All that is needed is a quality drawing of cable, nipples/ends etc or a sample the first time.

I can be contacted at andrewpahlow@hotmail.com

thanks! ill check em out. i already have the magura clutch lever and i cant wait till i get these cables in
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