decals & locknuts

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Jul 18, 2004
Hi guys -

I am in the midst of last minute touch-ups for this season.

Two questions:
1. Exhaust nuts: Bronze vs Alloy vs steel?
I assume Alloy is for weight, Bronze for keeping tight? Any recommendations?

2. When I clear coated over my transfers (water slide type), I got bubbling in the transfer - do you think this was from moisture or just chemical incompatibility? I want to add a reserve decal to the tank and don't want the same problems.


Both bronze and ali should have the advantage of expanding at the same rate as the head. That said, if you check tighten with a hot engine, the standard nuts shouldn't give any trouble if the threads are sound.

What did you coat your decals with ? I am not a painter but I have watched a friend and he was very careful to just dust on two-pack lacquer and to keep solvents to a minimum. I would be surprised if the problem was water as you would normally see it before the clear went on.

Nortons didn't lacquer them. Slightly scratched and fading is the most authentic ! :)

I might go with stock nuts - all things considered.

For clear coat I used Sherwin Williams RS6010 "Fast drying, high gloss urethane clear designed to be used over base coats and catalyzed single stages. "

Not open for further replies.