Jul 16, 2006
So, I hoisted my bike up to clean the bottom of the motor and found a nice little chunk missing from my inner primary cover!! I know it's not the end of the world, but now I have to buy $50 worth in tools just so I can get the stupid clutch off. Plus, I would be stupid not to go ahead and replace the friction plates with it off like that (another $70). Not to mention the actual inner primary, cheapest I've found is $70 on ebay. Well, I'll tell you this-it's given me a reason to start polishing the outer primary, and it looks the tits. Even with some of the scuffs that are in the aluminum, it looks great. But now I'll probably have to repaint the cylinders and even out the couple of broken fins i've got (one I broke myself) if I don't want it to look wierd.

So, anyone got an inner primary for cheap??? Or maybe some extra clutch tools??
I guess from the $ signs that you're not local to me or you'd be welcome to borrow my clutch compressor. Don't forget to replace the clutch locating circlip too!
I found my inner primary had a crack at the front, which I think was a result of the spacer washers behind the mount being too few, hence overstressed primary inner when bolted firmly to crankcase. Got it welded ok, but probably cost $50 equivalent. (can buy a lot of $ for a £ these days!) :lol:
good luck with the fix!
A piece of threaded rod , a nut and a electrical box will make you a clutch tool for less than $10. Clutch plates may be just fine . Clean , inspect and reinstall if OK . My suggestion would be to use transmission fluid in place of oil . It certainly helps keep the plates from dragging. Depending on how big the hole is you may very well be able to get it repaired at a local weld shop or if you are lucky and know some one .............. it makes for a good government job
Clutch compressor tool--allthread of the correct size, a couple of big fender washers, a nut and an old Japanese tail light housing (round). Kind of makes a statement for me, and costs pennies! (Farm tech!)

Kansas, America
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I use a water pump pulley from a Hudson Hornet. It's the perfect size and shape and works much better than the factory tool. Plus, it was free from my pile o' Hudson parts.