Damaged Head-Cylinder Plate

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Jun 12, 2007
One of the cylinder head nuts which was recessed deeply got sheered off. It was non standard type which had rusted and left me with no way to undo the stud nut. I tried everything and asked a few people but in the end resorted to just trying to force the head apart hoping the nut would disintegrate further. Eventually the stud thread gave way but there's a bit of damage to the cylinder head face caused by my ever so gentle levering.

The indent is noticeable to the touch and reasonably deep but is on the external side of one of the bolt holes. My logic is that the nut hole is exposed to the outside world so the seal must be complete by then so the damage shouldn't really effect the seal. Is this naive? Should I give it a go and see what happens?

Someone has suggested that the face could be skimmed down by a few thousands but as I don't now the complete history of the head, this may have been done before and so I'm unsure as to whether overcompression or piston reach into the head would be a problem.

This forum is rapidly becoming a way of life for me.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. There is a sticky topic on posting pictures you will find it handy to get good answers on this and other boards.
The probable best course of action will be to send the head to a reputable machinist who can weld up the damage, resurface the head and re-thread the stud hole.

Short of that, you may be wasting time and money.
High temp Devcon epoxy or high temp JB weld would have that sorted. Nice that the scratch don't go right on threw the gasket surface.
Boy, was I reading that wrong. It sounded like you partially stripped out one stud hole, and gouged the head mating surface.

norbsa has it right.
I reckon your oil burning could have been coming from the push-rod tube. See the nice clean area from the tube to the combustion chamber. It might be an idea the check the head is flat.

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