Cylinder paint

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Hi all,

What is the preferred black paint for the cylinders?

I assumed it should be high-temp manifold/header paint found at the local auto parts store, but I'm having a tricky time finding it in gloss black.

I also want to make sure it won't be a heat dissipation issue :?

Thanks :!:

Update: Found Gloss Black, but in the 500 degree version. It doesn't come in the 1200 degree flavor. I think 500 for the cylinders should be fine.
Thanks dynodave,

I went ahead and it came out SWEEEET :!:

1. Wash and scrub vigourously in parts-washer and dry.
2. Soak overnight in warm water and Tide detergent. Rinse and dry.
3. Immediately coat cylinders with oil. Lube cam-follower parts.
4. Hand scrub fins with Gumout and wooden tip applicators (app. 50).
5. Freshen and clean female threads with correct bolts. Oil threads.
6. Rinse fins liberally with Gumout and let dry overnight with a fan blowing across the fins.
7. Mask off top and bottom.
8. Spray with 500 degree gloss-black engine paint and let dry overnight with fan.
9. Spray 2nd coat on areas missed 1st time around (deep places and underside of some fins). Dry 48 hours.

I'll put up pics. after I let go of the part :shock:
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