Cush Drive Rubbers Melting !!!

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My rear cush drive rubbers have melted on me even though I do not think my rear brake shoes are adjusted too "tight" :cry:
Is having the brakes adjusted incorrectly the only reason this can happen ?
Thanks in advance for any input :D
I have seen many people over adjust the rear brake on Commandos. What seems right in the drive way is not good over bumps on the road. If you get enough good compressions of the rear tire it will over heat the brake the adjustment must be to your wieght. Lot of engine oil is the only other thing that could do these in but you would see that. These rubbers are very hard do wear out very quickly when they go. While you have it all apart it's a good time to increase the size of your clearance hole in your brake plate to 7/8 if this has not been done to your machine. This allows the brake to centalize itself more easly when you slam it on to tighten the axles. norbsa
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