Corbin seats and TT tanks

Nov 17, 2005
I have a 72 roadster, fitted a Corbin seat this year and I am happy with that. As I am looking for a more cafè racer look, I was wondering if anyone know how the seat fits with the TT tanks, as sold by unity equipe and others..especially the wide, flat ones.

I know the seat is tailor made to fit the roadster tank, but has anyone seen it together with other tanks?
Don't know about the Unity TT tank, but I've seen Corbin seats mated to stock Highrider tanks and they dont look bad.
The problem with many of the cafe racer type tanks is that they are longer than standard with the extra length towards the back. This probably makes the fitting of a Corbin or even a standard seat out of the question without modification to the seat-mounting. I have a three and a half gallon sprint tank from 'The tank Shop' on one of my bikes and it required the fabrication of a new seat using a Manx type seat as a basis. It also required different lengths of fuel hose from standard and careful packing under the tank as well as positional adjustment to make sure that my clip-ons didn't trap my fingers against the tank on full lock. The bike looks like a million dollars but after riding for about 20 minutes I have to get off and hail a taxi to the nearest osteopath. However I don't care, if I wanted comfort I would drive a Rolls Royce. I will stick with the Norton and stop regularly for a cup of tea, it is a cafe racer after all!

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The fastback and interstate seats fit further back than the roadster. I have a fastback setup on mine now. If you know the distance from the stearing neck to the back of the seat, I could measure my fastback front edge.

"Interbacks" - interstate tank and fastback tailpiece were popular in the early 80s in Northern California. David Edwards, editor in chief at Cycle World, has this setup on his Dreer Norton.