Corbin Gunfighter seat for 74 Commando

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Mar 1, 2007
Does the Corbin gunfighter aftermarket seat fit on a 74 Commando the way the factory one does with the two aluminum nuts or does it take special adaptation??? My Gal wants to ride with me and I want to be able to change to the stock longer seat quickly??? Does any body have a good used one for sale???
Marc - I have a 75 Mark 3 with the Corbin seat, and can confirm that it is not a "quick change" to put the stock seat back on.

The Corbin seat comes with a mounting bracket- a solid bar that attaches cross-wise, at the upper shock bolts (on the inside). The bar bracket has an upright metal post in the center, which inserts into the base of the Corbin seat and locks it in place.

This upright post sits about an inch too high to put the stock seat back on, so you have to remove the Corbin bracket.

Not a quick switch.

Preferred solution: get a Beemer or a Harley to take the lady for an occasional spin. Keep the Norton single!
You need to remove the bracket to put the stock seat back on, It connects to the shock bolts and only takes 15 Min. or so to change, Some people don't care for the Corbin seat as they think it is too hard. But I think it is the best seat I have ever owned, Feels great, Looks great, And is made from the best materials around. And they way they are shaped makes for a great feel when you decide to blow out a little carbon out of the cylinders, Roll on the gas and just sink back into the seat, And that is all I have to say about that, Chuck.
Thanks for the advise About the Corbin seat

Hello . My girlfriend is legally blind and cannot obtain a drivers license herself so she cannot ride a bike on her own. I am 53 an she is 32. She just had cateract surgery to improve her vision to the point that she can see pretty damn well out of one eye. She loves to ride and she thinks Nortons are the coolest thing since the invention of the wheel. I love to include her on my rides but want to get out and go solo with my ole High School bud on his Commando from time to time. That is why I would like a quick changeover from stock seat to Gunfighter. As we all know there is nothing more impressive than screaming up between a bunch of Harley guys on a Commando. It is amazing how much these ole bikes are respected among the old school Harley guys as well as the new riders. Nortons have and will always be sexy bikes . I may try to come up with an adaptation mount for the Corbin seat that allows for a quicker changeover on my own. If you have any ideas or specs please let me know===Mark C/
No help to this post, but did anyone see the idiots on ebay paying more for 2 Corbin seats than they cost new :!: Nowt so queer as folk eh?
The obvious solution is to put a small hole in the stock seat base to re-adapt it to a quick change.
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