Commando fork ?

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Hello from France
I am just starting to restaure a Commando 850 Mk3 1975 to make a cafe racer and was wondering about the fork. My tubes need to be changed and I would like to improve the front brake. When I see the Norvil prices for that it will be at least 500£ for single disk and 1000 £ for double disks so I was wondering if anyone had put a more modern fork on their commando. I mean a second hand fork from a modern bike will come a lot cheaper and should handle well (once the adaption is done !) Just need to find the right one with a wheel with spoke as well.
Hope the purist don't take that too badly !!! :D
Ducati Front end

A Ducati front end will fit pretty well. I believe you will have to machine the yokes/triple tees a bit.

A friend of mine has Ducati front end on a few of his bikes. I will ask him what the scoop is,

Ron, Whats the scoop with Italian front end? How hard is it to fit one?


Thanks Jerry

It would be good to know the type of bike and if it was difficult to adapt and how it goes too !
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