Commando Fork Brace Options

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Dec 2, 2008
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Hi again, folks. I have tried to use the search tab on this site to review past posts about fork brace options available for Commandos. Don't know what I am doing wrong but I seem to get every topic instead of specific answers..

Anyway, I am looking for a fork brace for my '74 Commando, but cannot seem to find much. I know Norman Hyde built one a few years back, but apparently not available now. Any one know of other sources for a brace? Thanks for your help..
I made this inquiry a year or so ago so there's a string you may find helpful. Bottom line as I recall it is that you can still get the Hyde brace but it's like $400 or so (perhaps less given the dollar/pound exchange rate change since then) which lessened my interest considerably.

Can't say the Norton fork has ever caused me to think a brace necessary; my own inquiry was more of a kneejerk as I have braces on a couple other bikes where I do think they've made a positive difference.

One of our members (Norbsa/Greg) does a fork modification that can give you a couple extra inches of travel for a heckuva lot less, you might be interested in that in which case page Norbsa.

Which reminds me I need to do the same.....
With the stock disc or drum brake a fork brace may not be necessary. With a 300mm floating cast iron rotor, a 4-piston caliper, and a modern performance style master cylinder, enough braking force can be applied to concern me.

I have a Hyde brace on one such conversion, but on my other I have not been able to find a Hyde brace and have been told that Hyde may make another run of Norton braces, but no production date has been established. Additionally the Hyde brace is not easy to fit correctly and get the eccentric bushings perfectly aligned. However, once fitted it does seem to help the handling under hard braking.

The other option is a steel loop type brace similar to the old San Jose BMW braces they used to make for airheads. To me these are just too ugly.

I have looked at various combination of Tarozzi brace pieces, but none of the center sections appear to have enough rise to clear a tire and fender.

If anyone has a better solution, I'd love to hear it also. Alternatively, if enough people show interest to Hyde or one of their vendors, perhaps he can be persuaded to schedule another run.
I had a black-painted tubular fork brace on mine years ago that allowed use of the front fender. It was nearly impossible to align without excessive fork stiction. Shim hell. I gave up on it and the forks are much happier without it. There was a period when everybody had to have one but I don't think it was really needed. Just looked cool.
The RGM and Hyde fork braces that add lengh to the stock High hat bushing have the right approach but get complicated using there own seal systems and it's harder to use full lengh gators. Were I ride bug guts take out seals that are not protected. There are some fork braces(Japanese) that have two bolts on each side that screw right into the seal holder the bodies are an arch that just clear the front fender. Now if one where to build some thicker seal holders and find such an arch well a little drilling and tapping might just be better than nothing.
BrianK said:
Bottom line as I recall it is that you can still get the Hyde brace but it's like $400 or so (perhaps less given the dollar/pound exchange rate change since then) which lessened my interest considerably.

Hyde braces are no longer available. I contacted Hyde directly last year and that is what they told me.

All I did was call around Hyde dealers until I found a place that still had one. I nabbed the last one from Clubman Racing for about $325 US if I recall.

I'm sure some Brit shop must have one lying around.
I too picked up one of the last Hyde braces at a supplier. It is still brand new in the package. Since I don't know when I will get it mounted, I would consider selling it for what I have in it. If anyone is interested, email me at
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