Commando clutch plates sticking

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Apr 20, 2007
Over the summer I did a few upgrades on the 20M3 including the installation of Dynodaves clutch pullrod seal. While inside the primary a did a major cleanup of the fiber plates and washed and glassbeaded the plain plates. Everything was spotless at re-assembly. Up until this point I experienced no problems with shifting or anything clutch related. After the modification I'm experiencing a grabby clutch (the plates seem to stick together so during downshifts I get a jerky motion unless I clutch and rev during downshifting.) Also, the bike has developed a habit of sometimes popping out of 1st gear when taking off from a start. I find it hard to believe the seal is related to any of this but I'm curious if anyone has a cure for these symtoms. I'm running Mercron transmission fluid in the primary.


Hey Tom, When you did the clean up did you check the plates for flatness? The cir clip in the back of the basket needs renewing from time to time. Where the broached keys that the driven and driver plates engage free of burrs. You may what to include info like the type of friction plates used, what fraction of a turn you used for the major clutch adjustment. How much does the basket wobble, And how you when about adjusting the primary and main chains. All this info would put us all on the same page and avoid guessing. The seal just keeps out gear oil. The rod should have a little grease on it.
Perhaps beed blasting the steel plates has made them a little too grippy.
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