clutch question

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Jun 22, 2008
i got new clutch discs for my 850, in the factory manual it doesn't say to soak them before installation (or maybe i didn't look hard enough?). i have never actually done a clutch on a bike, but when rebuilding auto transmissions, you have to soak the friction discs in atf prior to installing. does that apply here? thanks in advance.
Norton clutches are "dry" and do not take well to being oil-soaked. The oil (or ATF) in the primary is simply to lubricate the chain, so the level should be just enough to touch the bottom run of the chain.

A seal is often needed to keep oil from the gearbox from seeping into the clutch an causing slippage.
thanks for the replies, those links are very helpful.

has anyone here done the o-ring fix? seems like it might be worth my while to do that while it's apart.
has anyone here done the o-ring fix?

Yep, it's in three of mine. Haven't had to disassemble and clean clutch plates in any of them since installation. It will go in the others next time the clutch is taken apart.
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