clutch pivot casting

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Aug 6, 2005
Does anyone know where I can find one of these elusive pieces? I've called about a dozen sources and no one has even a used one part number 063678. I think British only has one, but they have a minimum of 150.00 order online now. Reason I need it...mine was cracked and finally broke.
The "extended pivot" castings are hard to find and have been for years. I think that they were only used on Nortons for 1973 /74 and never by Triumph. Have you considered the earlier 06 3374 ? They are much more common but they can make for a heavier clutch pull if that hasn't been dealt with.
Hi britbike,you could try Frank Holmes in New Hampshire,he is doing a lot of Norton work these days,he may have the part or can source it. Phone # for Frank is 603 323 8310. I don't know where you are but Frank can ship Worldwide.Good luck. James.
PS. I have a pivot casting but it is the earlier style,I have compared it to the one on my 1974 850,there is some difference,I could try to photograph it so that you could see what it looks like,the numbers on the inside of the casting are -- 54340881 ???, there is no 06 3374.
Might be just one of the unwashed masses...but I have no idea what this part is...someone set a picture in the forum for me and the other unwashed?
Thanks :wink:

They seem to have the part at, there is also a photo for those who have interest.

OK...I started to kinda think that was what was being discussed, but just what is the difference between the types, and can changing to this version when you have always had the older one, improve anything, or is this just a case of you have to have the corresponding part, in order to fit it together with the other parts, switch and lever , for example.

Is this a good "update" to make, for users of older versions or just eyewash?

The parts are all interchangable but the later (73 & 74) part with the "swan neck" shape has the cable fixing and the pivot further from the rider's hand increasing the leverage. It does seem to give a more progressive clutch action. I've never gone so far as to put a spring balance on and test it though

My feeling is that if the clutch is well sorted with the correct stack height etc., then the early pattern is no problem but if the clutch action is already heavy then best to stick with the later type.

Incidentally, the Mk111 850 retained the later pivot relationship but the new type horizontally split switchgear is completely different.

I have been looking for a second hand or new one of these clutch brackets, couldn't find one around south aussie. But Forty quid for an aluminium bracket seems a bit high. Supply and demand pushes the price I suppose.
Mine cracked and broke when the Norton Slipped off the side stand and rolled on to the clutch lever. Silly me parked on a slope whilst closing a gate. I had the bracket welded and its holding together thus far. But i was told the alu welds could have fine air bubbles in which will eventually oxidise and break probably when miles from home.
I've been looking at some DIY casting sites on the net. I wonder is this a shape that lends itself to easy casting or too much work to bother about?
If a bloke had a milling machine it could probably be made from a solid chunk, but then it wouldn't be genuine !
Well~ I found under recommendation ~ that if one is to fit a good quality cable ~ coupled with a "smooth flowing" lay out.. ~ and an 'ideal' clutch pivot angle in the gearbox casing ~ will result in a smooth effortless operation ` ~

Lesson End ~
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