Clip-on fitting

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Guys, looking to see If you might have any Ideas on my issue here.
Just installed a set of Tomaselli headlight brackets and Tomaselli adjustible clipons.
The headlight brackets fit nice and snug b/c of the rubber grommet it's made up of around the fork.
I've installed the clip ons and even though they're the correct MM size, when fully tightened there's just engough play there for them to twist around...not much of a gap, but too much.
I'm guessing I'll have to put some kind of rubber sleeve/strips in there to make it fit. But being such a small gap It'll be hard to find something common to use.
Maybe a bicycle tire?
Any other ideas on how to make it fit correctly?
I'm not as concerned with the vertical movement, b/c the rubber headlight brackets are below providing a solid stop, but the twisting is definately an issue.

Try using some brass shim stock to take up the gap. This stuff is available in various thicknesses and you can get it at most auto parts and hardware stores.


Clip-on shims

My Tomaselli's came with aluminum/or steel shims of various thickesses. Do not overtighten the clip on without the right shim. It will crack the clip on! A scary thing if it happens underway.

I imagine that brass would work even better as it will deform a bit.

Good luck
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